Graduation gift daughter | 10x gift ideas after graduation

Hoera, congratulations! Your daughter has graduated and achieved a nice result on grades. This achievement is something that definitely should be celebrated with a graduation gift for your daughter. But what kind of gift should you give to a woman whom just graduated? Well, this depends on the age. It is possible that this young lady has graduated early, or a bit later. i.e. there is logically a difference in a graduation gift for daughters with a age between 15 – 18 or the age of 18 – 25 years. So, what gift for my daughter then? In this article we will answer this question.

In this article you will learn which gifts are fun and nice to give to a daughter who has recently graduated. Now we address this article to a gift for a graduated daughter, but it could also be for a good friend or girlfriend who has graduated of course. If you want more specific examples for a gift for a girlfriend, then you should read this article: cadeau voor vriendin | 25x leuke tips en ideeën

10x cool gifts for graduated daughters

#1 jewelry as a graduation gift daughters

graduation gift daughter

Jewelry as graduation gift for a daughter? Of course! Because every woman adores jewelry and it is also a kind of “safe” gift. Because with jewelry as a present for graduation your mostly have a cool gift. Evidently you give her a present as a reward for her perfect achievement! With fine jewelry a lady will boost her self-confidence. And believe us: self-confidence is key during applications for a job ?!

A jewelry as a gift to your daughter is always a good idea. And when your daughter has graduated, it is also a very appropriate gift. Is your daughter going to a new school, for example for further studying? Then she will feel more confident as well with your new jewelry.
Is your daughter graduated, and ready for a dream job? Then we advise to give jewelry as a gift that will match perfectly with professional business clothing.

#2 A shopping day as graduation gift daughter!

A really fun gift to celebrate the graduation of your daughter is to go out for shopping day! This is especially fun and bonding for mothers and girlfriends to give as a present, but it might be even better for fathers as a graduation gift for your daughter. Not only will you make her super happy, but it will also be a social activity in which you will strengthen your relationship.

So, on this day you will not only give your beloved daughter clothes as a gift for graduation. You will give her much more! You will also give her love, time and energy. And do not forget memories! You will show her your appreciation and happiness regarding her graduation as well, because why else should you shop all day long with your daughter (well oke, because it is fun as hell!). So, you see, there is a different meaning behind this gift. And you will think about it for a long time if your daughter will go out and live on herself when she has a new job.

graduation gift for daughters

Clothing as a gift for a graduated daughter, that will continue her study.

Depending on the kind of diploma she has achieved, you will shop differently. Will your graduated daughter continue her study? Then you will go out together and shop for trendy and nice clothing with which she can impress her new study friends. If you are going to shop in spring, you should definitely read this article: spring fashion inspiration for women. In this article you will find many relevant tips for fashion in spring. And if you are more in need for a sweater or comparable, then you should read the article of fashionista Ella Beentjes about combining cool sweaters with other clothing.

Giving clothes as a present to a graduated daughter who is going to work

It is also possible that your graduated daughter is somewhat older and ready to work. In this case she will apply for hopefully her dream job. During the application process she definitely will need business casual clothes to combine her youngness and creativity with professionalism. Check for more tips and tricks about business casual the popular article of Ella Beentjes about business casual clothes for women.

Is your graduated daughter more in search for really professional, business clothing? Because she in example already has a job (lucky her)? Then it is a really good idea to gift her business clothes during a shopping day. You can find more inspiration about appropriate business clothing for women in a nice article.

#3 Watch gift for a graduated daughter

gifts after graduation women

A really fun sentence during your gift of a watch for women to your daughter is: “so, with this present you may never come too late at work!”… No, but serious. A watch for women as a gift to your freshly graduated daughter is a really good idea. Why? Because in this way she will always think of you. What if your daughter is going on her on, or that she has to move really far away for her dream job? In this case she won’t visit you very often. Well, not as much as you hope for! Of course you want her to be free, but very deep inside you also want her to remember you and your valuable lessons on life.

A watch as suitable graduation gift daughter

Gifting a watch as present is perfect for a graduated daughter. You will not only give her a nice and trendy watch, but it will also have a symbolic value in it. The watch will represent her freedom, but she will also remind you every time she is checking on what time it is. And isn’t that what you secretly desire? That your precious daughter will remember you from time to time? Hence the symbolic value behind this gift.

A trendy watch for women is not always that expensive. For inspiration about suitable watches for gifts, you can visit the very popular blog about nice and affordable watches for women as a gift. In this article you will read and learn about different designs for all women, that are all made with good quality and are sustainable for years. Although these benefits the price varies just between 39 and 89 euro’s.

#4 A unforgettable city trip or long travel as a graduation gift for your daughter!

Yes! Graduation! And now, starting to work already? Well… for many daughters this is something they should adjust for. Because yes, the difference in freedom during college is quite different compared to a full-time and stressful job. So, to close this period of freedom, it is fun to give away a city trip or longer travel (1-2 weeks) as an amazing graduation gift. In this way, your daughter can completely refill and energize before she will enter the busy and stressful reality of work. But don’t get us wrong. Travelling, or a city trip, is also educational. Your daughter will experience different cultures and she will get more time to reflect on herself and on life itself. By the way, there is a great article about bringing along suitable clothing for a city trip.

An adventurous journey with a new chapter in life

gifts after graduation daugters

An adventurous journey as a graduation gift is perfect for graduated daughters who are somewhat older of age. By travelling, or during a city trip, you will learn more than you might think of. It is crucial for personal development. Because by experiencing a different culture, your daughter will gain more insight into the motives and drives of people with a different cultural background. It will make sure that she is exposed to different cultures. Besides that, she will also learn to become more independently. She will gain more geographical knowledge, face the unknown, learn to plan her trip and get interaction with strangers. The latter will improve her communication skills (also the non-verbals).

So, a city-trip will also enhance the personal development in many positive ways. It is for a reason that big international companies favor candidates with travel experience. The development during a journey is priceless and of immense value!

If your graduated daughter loves to travel, but she is underaged, then it is an idea to make the journey together. Mom and daughter, or father and daughter, it doesn’t matter. If your daughter is willing to travel together, you will make invaluable memories!

#5 An educational book as graduation gift daughter

Huh, an educational book as a graduation gift for my daughter? Are you kidding me? No, not at all! It is actually pretty simple. Because the people who achieve greatness have one thing in common: they never stop learning. It is key to keep developing yourself. If this is by travelling, learning by doing, or reading an educational book. You should never stop learning.

We can definitely recommend the book of Stephan Covey about “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” for personal development. This book contains a lot of wisdom, and you will learn to think in a different way that will benefit the environment around you.

#6 A day of wellness with your daughter

Oke, oke…. There should also be time to relax and enjoy after hard work of graduating. Of course you will not send your daughter on her own to a day of wellness, but you will join her! This will make sure you can chat and laugh all day long. Perhaps this is the ideal situation in which you can ask her about her ambitions in life, and if she needs any advice on it. Enjoy!!

#7 home accessories as a gift for your graduated daughter

If your daughter has been graduated and is ready to work, then she will probably move out of home very soon as well. Earning for a living means that she will buy a house. And of course, in a house you will need home accessories. Hence home accessories is also a fun gift after the graduation of your daughter. Don’t let it be a hint, haha! And it is also efficient because then she won’t have to buy her own home accessories.

#8 A professional working bag as graduation gift daughter

Depending on her new challenge, you can buy a new professional working bag for your daughter as graduation gift. When she will start her new job, she wants to look professional of course. So, get rid of this youngster school bag and turn it in for a good and professional working bag. This will improve the first impression of her colleagues, and that is key!
It is relevant to match the bag with her job. If she is going to work, for example, in the fashion industry, then she will need a trendy fashion bag. But in any case, buy a bag that she will adore. Otherwise she won’t use your graduation gift and that would be a waste!

#9 Wine glasses with personal text as graduation gift for your daughter

gift ideas for graduated daughter

Because graduation should be celebrated! In the above list we have mentioned a few gifts that might be a bit too expensive for your budget. But this gift tip of personalized wine glasses is a fun and also cheap gift for if you have a tight budget (no shame about that please). Also if you are a girl, and one of your besties has graduated, then this is a really fun gift to give. Because when drinking in these glasses, you can remind and laugh about all great memories gained during college.

#10 Her favorite wine as graduation gift

We will end with this last tip of gifts for graduation of daughters. And that is to give her a favorite wine that she loves to drink. Ideally this is combined with the personalized wine glasses, but this is optional. More important is that after filling the glasses with wine, there is time to cheer. Cheers on closing this chapter! Cheers on a new challenge!

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